Bin Arar Holding has established, and is continuously expanding, a multi-national network of companies with expertise in real estate development, building materials, finance, property management and an array of ancillary services.

These companies work in every part of the real estate development value chain, undertaking everything from feasibility studies through to construction and property management.

Initially established to invest in real estate developments in the United Arab Emirates, Bin Arar Holding is now operating around the world, expanding its operations by strategically seeking out and developing opportunities in a growing number of attractive markets and industries, and diversifying its business in construction materials and building equipment.

Message from the Chairman

Our aspiration is to build a truly global company, a real estate developer and manager that operates in all regions of the world. Our focus, first and foremost, is on customer satisfaction.if a customer returns, that is our definition of success.

Our view is global. We are seeking to invest in all markets, from the U.S. and Europe toChina and Australia. Sometimes our involvement is purely financial. In other cases, we become partners or establish subsidiaries.

We are operating multi-nationally and we are building relationships with a wide variety of companies in many different countries around the world. These range from building material sand equipment suppliers to service providers with specialist knowledge of their particular markets.

Whichever approach is taken, the most important thing is to maintain service standards.My goal is to provide the highest levels of quality and service to our clients, and to totally commit to their needs in the real estate market.

We always aim to keep the customer satisfied. That is the basis of our growth and the foundation of our continued success.

Omair Saoud Arar Al Dhaheri